Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Beauty is the Beast

Some will argue that a woman with a visible muscular structure is masculine looking, ugly or bulky. A muscular woman is a beast rather than a beauty.  Women should be soft, curvy, and supple.  Men should be hard, firm and muscular. Who says? Do you have to believe?  Must you agree?

Most will follow the masses and agree with whatever is the most popular ideal at any given time.  It's human nature. It's easier.  Less conflict. Run with the crowd because you will be accepted rather than exiled. Go with the flow.

"Strong is the new skinny." This phrase seems be tossed around quite frequently these days. But stop and think about it.  One can be quite strong without having 'visible muscle'. When I refer to 'visible muscle', I am referencing a female with a very low body fat which causes her muscles to 'pop' more or less to the observer.  I interpret "strong as the new skinny" to refer to women who are ultra fit and thin yet muscular.  Not anorexics. Not steroid using body builders. Not cardio bunnies. But athletes.

Strong is the new skinny is an athlete.  A female who takes their sport seriously whatever it may be. They are concerned with more than just their outward appearance.  They have developed a lifestyle which incorporates fitness and health as part of a daily regime.  It's as common to them as maintaining employment. It's part of who they are.  It is not an obsession it is a way of life.

Athletes have goals.  Their goals are unique and help develop a plan of what they want to accomplish and how they will tackle the process.  Society may not always agree with the goal or even the method used to get there.  That is why it is unique.  It is not society's goal, it is the individuals goal. Again, going against the grain. This is not the easiest route or the most traveled but can be the most rewarding.

Athletes have muscles.  Muscles help propel them into motion.  Muscles aid in their speed, strength and stamina. Muscles have mass.  Mass carries weight.  Weight on a fit body is called muscle. Therefore, a female athlete who takes her sport seriously is going to have muscles.

If you don't like it, keep it to yourself. It's not okay to ridicule someone for being obese, anorexic or skinny fat.  So why is it acceptable to criticize females who are muscular?  It's not.  It's called envy. Step up or shut up.  I have chosen my own journey and never looked back.  I'm  a fit, healthy female who can protect herself with those big ugly muscles.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

At War with Will Power

Have you ever waged a war against your Will Power?  Think about it carefully.  This is actually a war you want to lose. Sometimes. I want to eat that brownie.  I want to sleep in and skip my workout.  I want to skip those last few reps because they hurt. I don't want to do chin-ups because I suck at them.

Sound familiar? Who is the victor? You or your Will Power? Wait, aren't you really the winner if your Will Power wins? It's all very confusing.  You feel like you lost because you didn't get what you wanted - the brownie, extra sleep or an easy way out.  Yet, you won because you reap the benefits.

Confusing, right? No. These are only battles.  Battles that build up to the war.  The war which awaits you somewhere off in the future.  It's lingering out there.  It's lurking. It's stalking you. It even taunts you from afar.  You can't see it or even feel it, but you sense it. It mocks you every day.

It is the unknown. It's a powerful force and one that has the ability to knock you on your ass.  So you keep fighting.  You fight every day. Some are easy days and some are harder.  You lose focus once in awhile and have to readjust. It's second nature to you. The course is filled with obstacles yet you continue your journey. You have goals, ambitions and dreams.

Why do you fight so hard? Why not throw in the towel? It would be much easier.  Because you are a soldier.  You are fighting to survive.  You are fighting to be a better version of you. You are fighting because your Will Power  has ordered you to fight until the end.  Because if you give up, Will Power dies.