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I am not a certified trainer or nutritionist.  But I enjoy being fit and healthy. I hope to share my own personal experiences of the path I have traveled and we can share a fitness journey together.

Sled Training

Now that Spring has arrived, my trainer has added sled training back into my training program.  It is a love/hate relationship.  I  love it but it can be a very grueling workout.  I purchased my own sled, weight plates and training shoes last year. It was not cheap but I view it as an investment in myself and my health.  This is another example of switching up your workout routine!  Check out the photos for various training options.

Tools of the TRADE!
I use a wide variety of training tools in my workouts.  Cardio machines and weights are a good building block but so much more can be achieved using a variety of fitness tools!  Some are designed specifically for fitness and others converted from their primary use. Here is a brief list to start...

  1. FOOD LOG - one of the most important tools
  2. Weight Vest
  3. Hanging Ab Straps
  4. Front Squat Harness
  5. Manteray
  6. Bosu Ball
  7. Versa Grips
  8. Val Slides (or furniture slides)
  9. Balance disk
  10. Jump Rope
  11. Stretch Cords
  12. Kettle Bells


Cardio plays an important role in any exercise program regardless of your ultimate goal.  There are various types of cardio and knowing what your goals are will enable to you to use  it to your advantage. Steady state and HIIT cardio are both excellent options and provide different benefits. 

Cardio does not always have to be performed in a gym setting or as a stand alone activity.  A variety of outdoor activities including hill sprints, track sprints, jump rope or bench step-ups are all excellent forms of cardio exercise when performed in a HIIT workout.  Cardio can also be performed alongside your weight workout as a circuit type workout.  It raises your heart rate and shortens the length of your workout with added benefits.

If you perform the same cardio session day after day and week after week, your body ultimately grows accustomed to the exercise and fat loss slows as do the cardiovascular benefits. You are no longer challenging your body to perform at higher levels.  Mix it up.  Try new machines, new workout combinations and interval sets.

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