I have many people that inspire me for a variety of reasons.  I may respect their work ethic, physique, accomplishments, values and their willingness to aid others in achieving success.

Pauline Nordin - Founder of FIGHTER DIET

Pauline is an IFBB Figure Pro.  She is a native of Sweden. She no longer competes but is an advocate for natural body building.  She developed the Fighter Diet concept.   She has several ebooks for sale regarding diet, workout plans, stretching, competition prep and fitness modeling.  She is currently sponsored by Better Bodies, iSport, AST Science supplements, Exercise TV and Lifetime Cheese.  She is often featured in Oxygen magazine promoting articles and workout routines.  Her website is and her Facebook page is Fighter Diet.


Ava Cowan is an IFBB Figure Pro and often places int eh Top 5 at the Olympia and the Arnold.  Av is currently ranked 3rd in the world for Figure.  I appreciate her physique and her dedication.  She is sponsored by Gaspari Nutrition, Better Bodies, FlexOnline, Fitmark, Jantana, and has graced the many covers of several fitness magazines.

Dana Linn Bailey - IFBB Physique Pro

Dana Linn Bailey or 'DLB' is the Beauty and the Beast!  She had a phenomenal physique and is incredibly dedicated to her sport.  She competed in Figure prior to Physique.  Dana made her Pro debut in figure this spring and placed in the Top 5! She is also co-owner of Flag nor Fail -  She often posts videos of her training sessions.

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