Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Are You a Fitness Junkie?

How are you fairing in the game of life? Are you winning? Are you losing? Do you have balance? Are you a fitness junkie?

I have recently re-entered the competition world of bodybuilding after taking a break for 18 months. I never stopped training nor did I fall off the wagon with my nutrition. I deviated a little bit, but the reality is, I just took a hiatus from the actual stage. At first, I was asked quite frequently when was I doing another competition? My response was that I had no plans in the immediate future because the reality was just that, I had no idea.

It wasn't necessarily a planned break, it just kinda happened. I was focusing on other things in my life.  I like to dabble in things if you will. I began my headband business - www.Headbanditz.com. I learned how to sew when I was 12 years old and decided to make an effort to jump back into a child hood hobby. It served a dual purpose as I hate having my hair in my face when I am training so I decided to give it a whirl.  I make them from scratch by myself, market them, designed my website and process all the orders. It's not a huge business and I certainly need and want to spend more time marketing them, but again its about balance. I took a chance.

I work full-time in a demanding career. I have two teenagers. Life is busy with sports, college search for my senior, academics & kid's part-time jobs, etc. I have a significant other and several pets, all of whom I enjoy spending time with. I have a household to run which includes daily chores, yard work, general upkeep and bills to pay. This is not much different than most folks. Then you add in training. I love to train. I love to be healthy. But it all takes time. It all takes money. It's easy to become a fitness junkie.

Competing adds another layer upon my already busy life. It is a choice. It is part of my lifestyle, but it isn't my entire existence. It does not define who I am. It is one piece of the puzzle that makes me who I am. There is a difference. I have been more cognizance of this over the last year.  Balance is important. We get one shot at living our life and I don't want to have regrets of what I wish I would have done.  I don't want to look back and wish I had spent more time with those I love, both family and friends.

My career is what pays my bills, feeds my family, will allow me to retire and permits me to enjoy my play time. Plus I enjoy helping victims and putting the bad guys in jail.  My fitness is important to me and I will chose fitness over the bar scene. But there needs to be compromise and balance.  It can't always be about prep mode, no indulgences, always putting people, vacations, and hobbies to the back burner because you have a competition to prep for in the near future.  What's the point of being healthy if you don't enjoy the life span you hoping to extend?

Competition should be a part of your life but not your entire life.  Because the reality is very few will make a sustainable living in this sport. Goals and  bucket lists are important. Don't get me wrong, I like to win and the 'iron' does solve a lot of 'issues' for me.  However, at the end of the day, I don't want to be remembered for my fitness accomplishments.  I want to be remembered as a great mom, girlfriend, sister, daughter, and friend.

My trophies are the people who I have touched in a meaningful way and aren't afraid to call me their friend.

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