Friday, December 26, 2014

One Size DOES NOT Fit All.

It's that time of year. The end of the year.  The birth of a new year. A fresh start. A clean slate. 

So, what are you going to do? Are you going to make a New Year's fitness/health resolution? Why? What do you hope to accomplish? Are you setting yourself up for failure? Do you have a plan or is it just an idea?  Who will help you achieve it? How will you accomplish it? What will you do when you have a lapse? Who is your support system?

How about instead of anew year's resolution...make a lifestyle change? There is a difference. It's a lifetime commitment rather than a short term goal. Less pressure. More time to adapt. However, it's not a free pass to procrastinate and falter frequently.  It is an investment. An investment in you.

You are willing to spend $300 on a purse, $100 on a pair of boots, $150 on a nice dinner. Why aren't you willing to spend $500 on a trainer/coach and nutritionist?  Because you have not made your health a priority.  Which one will last longer and is a better investment? 

No one said you need to train like an Olympian or professional athlete. But you do need to understand the basics of cardio, weight training and nutrition to reap the best results without wasting your time, money and effort.  Most people start and quit within 2-3 months because they get bored or frustrated when they hit a plateau and fail to see results.  It is a science and the body is very complicated so it must be treated as such. As much as your health and training needs to become a habit, your training routine must still evolve over time as your body adapts to it's regime.

Each workout session has a payout, sometimes a short term payout like relieving stress. Or a long term payout like reducing high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol or reducing body fat. Medications may be reduced thereby allowing more funds for your fitness/heath endeavors. So it's a win-win!

Do your research. Hire a qualified, certified coach/trainer and nutritionist, whether online or in-person. Be sure to ask for proof of certifications and ask for references from current or past clients. More expensive doesn't always mean better.  Look at a variety of training options including yoga, boxing, Crossfit, functional training facilities, masters swimming, running clubs, etc. One size doesn't fit all.  Seek out something you enjoy. If you enjoy it, you are more likely to stick with it.  Also try something new that scares you a little bit. You may find, it's something you truly enjoy!

Life is a gift. It can not be exchanged. Its up to you to determine your value and pay the price for the insurance that you will live life to the fullest. So make a LIFE resolution and invest in your future.

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